In addition, they are not taught good living skills at school.

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This demonstrates that they lack basic knowledge about sex.

Yet both families and teachers shun sex education because it is a very sensitive topic."Teacher Le Thi Muoi Mot from the Tran Quang Khai Secondary School in Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province, says that sex education in school is a formalism because of the lack of curricula.

Teachers usually integrate sex education content with genetics lessons.

Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, Director of the Center for Reproductive Health and Family Planning of the Central Obstetrics Hospital in Hanoi, says sex education classes at schools are “just for fun” rather than providing meaningful information to students.

Currently, more than 1/3 of youth in Vietnam don’t have access to safe contraception; moreover, they have little understanding of how to deal with unwanted pregnancy.

"It is weird that up to 90 percent of teenagers are well aware of the risk of pregnancy when having sex, but more than 80 percent of them do not use any contraception method.It is dangerous that they just think that if they are pregnant, they can an abortion! According to experts, teenagers have boyfriends or girlfriends and have sex at a very young age because of the impact of the modern lifestyle.A survey by the Faculty of Psychology at the HCM City University of Social Sciences and Humanities showed that for every nine people doing sex consulting work at high schools, only two are qualified.Although the Ministry of Education and Training has added reproductive health contents to the curriculum at secondary and high school, sex education is ineffective due to the shyness of both teachers and students.Also, the lack of a specific curriculum creates difficulties for teachers.Teacher Nguyen Thi Thu Hien from the Nguyen Huu Tho High School in Ho Chi Minh City says: "Some 12th graders still think that they can become pregnant from kissing.