Flash photography is said to add SEVEN YEARS to your face so there's a reason right there to get away from the mirror and head outdoors.

Then came along the advent of online and app dating.

While technology enables connections that weren't previously possible, it also comes with new and different neuroses.

Selling yourself in a way which attracts a) mostly positive attention b) a minimum of ridicule whilst c) also being true to yourself and d) looking nice without being too try-hard is TOUGH. She used online dating on and off for seven years before meeting her boyfriend, and in 2013 she set up Hey Saturday, an award-winning dating photography business.

I wouldn't recommend having more than one selfie though, as it will start to look like you have no friends.

So young women might just get away with this, but it's unlikely guys are going to think you're serious about finding love.

These kind of selfies suggest you're into hook-ups.

If you're actually dating with a view to finding love, then drop these from your profile.

Aware of how people struggle to get their profile right for them, and the pitfalls many of us have fallen into, she's shared her 25 dating profile commandments with Mirror Online.

Three or four photos is the magic number to attract people and not put them off. And too many photos means you're opening yourself up to more opportunities to put people off.