Gold Hill describes the mound of earth where miners found a rich deposit of gold.The two towns overshadowed nearby Silver City, Dayton, American City, Lousetown, and Sutro City.

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Smaller Gold Hill was working class compared with Virginia City's elegance.

Together, they were a dynamic center of industry, technological innovation, social diversity, and cultural sophistication.

Residents named Virginia City for early miner James "Old Virginny" Finney.

Gold Hill was a working-class neighborhood with some of the most prosperous mines of the Comstock.

The Crown Point Trestle, an engineering marvel, spanned a canyon for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad on its way to Virginia City.

Nineteenth-century photographs of interiors are rare because of the technological limits at the time.This Virginia City saloon exhibits ornate details that one can still see in the surviving businesses in the National Historic Landmark district.Although the Sutro Tunnel, completed in 1878, never served the pivotal function for the Comstock Mining District that Adolph Sutro imagined, it remained a bustling business throughout the nineteenth century.Virginia City was known as the Queen of the Comstock, the internationally famous mining district.Founded in 1859, the settlement was the focus of a gold rush and within a year, it became the region's largest community, a status it maintained in Nevada into the 1890s.Virginia City was incorporated under the Utah Territory in 1861.