Tuesday was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and some of the local officers came out to view Georgia’s spring football practice.UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson was among those in attendance for the practice.

Running backs coach Dell Mc Gee watched these drills and called Michel out when he picked the wrong hole that the line had formed for him to run through.

Wide receivers also ran similar drills of going from running a route and then switching to blocking who was covering them mid-route.

The offensive line ran drills in the end zone that were centered on blocking an incoming pass-rush.

During this drill, the quarterbacks were quite accurate.

The only incompletions I saw were from a receiver dropping a ball that hit his hand and a pass that was underthrown because a receiver slipped and lost his footing.

Offensive coordinator Jim Chaney worked with the quarterbacks and barked orders from the G on the 50-yard line.Other than working with the quarterbacks, the running backs also ran drills that were focused on finding a hole in the offense line as well as blocking pass-rushers in the backfield.The sophomore from Dorchester, South Carolina, also missed the last open session on Saturday.Quarterbacks worked on handoffs and passes out of the backfield with running backs such as Chubb, Douglas and Sony Michel.Head coach Kirby Smart, who was sporting a red visor and gray shirt, watched these drills closely.The quarterbacks also worked on sideline routes with wide receivers like Terry Godwin and Reggie Davis against a Cover-3 defense.