His head was barely washed and then all they let the nurse do is steri strip it, all the time rushing her. That could be fatal."hello ,,i have recently vsist my brother ,and i have to said the personal is very friendly and i like the way they set up the visists and i love that they dont bug u on the visiting room ,,i like that some one from the inside is reding all this ,,now i dont ,,understand why iimates cant recive accesories like ,socks underware,pjs books stuff that they could use ,,if evertithing is check before they get it i don t see why not ""Listen up, for real.I forget how many days he did in the hole, but I don t believe he deserved this kind of treatment for possibly saving a co s life. I m not trying to offend anyone, so don t take this personally, but heres some observations of SBCC and other facilities in Ma."Russell wrote on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 some people are like children and think every consequence involves another child not doing what mommy says. CO s are for the most part friendly, but have to be strict in enforcing the rules, which by the way, are posted everywhere in the lobbies of every facility.

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Sweat pants, bootie shorts, tube tops, no bra s, huge piercings, contraband, trying to smuggle in narcotics, cigarettes, needles, not bringing your ID, not bringing kids Birth certificates, open warrants, drunk, smelling like marijuana, not watching your kids(CO s are not your babysitters), women performing sex acts in plain view of everyone including the visiting kids.

This is just some of the things going on during visits.

Next, lets talk about all the A CO did this to my loved one .

Parents or friends of inmates at SBCC,my best to people believe that a human beings life without value, once convicted of a felony..nothing could be farther from the truth..u can alwayyys tell screws in their responses, crybabies ...wahwah im telling my union..

Guttless pukes.truth is.only go home because the cons LET them go home.if theyyy were to talk this fake tuffguy stuff an give the wrong guy, the wrong dayyyy...might just spring a leak by way of something sharrrp.."35lb shield huh?

That shield is called a polycaptor shield, google it, it weighs about 4lbs, basically a flexible piece of plexiglass with 2 handles on it.Sounds like your boyfriend is a lying shithead like I mentioned before""My son was in SB for four years, his crime was a stick up. He was in his cell and saw a friend of his in the hall with a motor on a cord that he was going to swing at a co.My son pulled his friend into his cell so that he could not commit the act and possibly kill a co. His friend would not cuff up so my so didn t either. When the team entered, my son was smashed over the head with a 35lb sheild, it split his head open and moved to vertebrea in his neck.They twisted his foot to almost break it, that tore ligaments.When he could not walk down the hall they dropped him on his face.Then they made them climb the stairs to get to the hole. What if that guard got hurt and he is in handcuffs.