asian - oriental, chinese, korean, not indians indian - of indian/ pakistani descent.Little differentiation between Hindu or Muslim is made.

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For more information on risks of contracting HIV read: Africans use a unique system of race identification.

white - means caucasian, europeans black - means aboriginal people of South Africa, Africans, dark skinned but not as dark as a Nigerian coloured - this does not include “black”.

It refers to people of mixed race, predominantly mixed black and white but may include asian features.

If this scares you, and it should, then you can always buy HIV screening tests at

It is not common practice to ask a prossie to test herself in front of you but it is not unheard of either.

For long term girlfriends it is a good idea to get tested before you forget the condom, most girlfriends will be happy to do an HIV test together.

There are quite a few prostitutes that will have sex without a condom for an additional fee, just say “No”.

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