With the AAS the bot can theoretically play any map ever made. The bot isn't finished yet and doesn't know how to go about with some 'trains', rotating objects, lasers, secrets, buttons, etc.As a result the bot might sometimes do seemingly stupid things or simply get stuck on maps with lots of these features.

Sex botchats-68

It's also possible to use strafe right and left keys to enter and leave a sub-menu. The bot characters available in this version come in 18 flavors, 6 boyz, 6 girlz and 6 cyborgs.

Each character is specified with over 50 characteristics, item selection code, weapon selection code, variable chats etc.

For each bot just a few characteristics (attack skill, aim skill, aim accuracy) and a short description are listed below.

The "aas X.zip" file should be placed in your Gladiator directory.

The bot library will read the files directly from the zip file.

However you should only zip files that have been loaded at least once with bots.

The first time a newly compiled file is loaded, some additional data is calculated and the file is optimized.

These calculations should be finished before adding the file to an "aas X.zip".

The move forward and backward keys (usually the arrow up and arrow down keys) are used to go to the next or previous menu item.

The keys normally used to scroll through your inventory can also be used to move through the menu.

Activating a menu item can be done with the 'use inventory' key (usually the [Enter] key).