Backed by Will Smith’s assistant Charlie Mack, she has since landed in several of your favorite ‘05 videos.

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When you think of a murder capital’s female population, rarely do attractive models come to mind.

Ten piece Clayanna Warthen, 20, reps New Jersey’s homicide central, Camden, but her features are the opposite of her seedy hometown’s.

It could very well be her diamond-in-the-dirt make up, which garnered her the first notch on her video belt.

You first saw Clay as a femme scam artist in Cassidy’s “I’m a Hustla” (hustla dance and all).

“I took the LSAT when I was a sophomore, and did pretty good,” states the well-balanced Libra.

“There were 10 law schools that I wanted to get into, and I did good enough to get into four.

So in five years if I don’t have a multi-million dollar Modeling contract, then I’m just gonna pursue my law career.” Though signing a print contract with Dolce & Gabbana would be a dream come true for the 5′6″ cutie, her primary focus is becoming “the next Johnnie Cochran.” How does a beauty out of Camden, N.

Though her facial features may appear Latino or even Native American, she insists there aren’t any immediate racial mixtures in her genes.

“I am Black Black,” says the product of African-American parents.

Still, love has managed to capitalize on her uniqueness, scoring a Smirnoff campaign (”I’m raspberry”) and a possible role in video director Chris Robinson’s movie Jellybeans, which stars T. As much as ‘Yanna enjoyed her rookie year in the music-video game, modeling is but one talent in her repertoire.

Currently a junior at Richard Stockton College, with accomplishments beyond an average model’s, she’s headed toward a degree in criminal justice.