Subsequently during the day she would put the pram, with him in it, in the garden shed - Walked, (probably out of boredom and being fed up with being jammed under the sideboard), down to the end of the garden, where he fed the chickens with rhubarb.Rick claims to this day that the rhubarb could not possibly have been the sole reason from the death of all the chickens the following day - Rick goes to school. Rick recalls the Sunday musical evenings with his Uncle Stan on ukulele, his father on the piano and his mother singing.

Rick's life history so far seems to have been written so many times that we thought it would be nice to present it in a different way this time around, and so we have chronicled some of the major and not so major events that have happened in Rick's life throughout each of the 66 odd years.

Either scroll at leisure through the years, or pick a year.

Once you've read this, you can read the in-depth story in Rick's autobiography Say Yes!

and further anecdotes in either of the Grumpy Old Rockstar books.

Symes, who was to remain his teacher throughout - Found out that Father Christmas wasn't real. Luckily found out in later life that Father Xmas does exist and won't hear anything to the contrary. Clarke's in Exmouth - Moved up to Wood End Juniors. Lewis who used to rap the children over the knuckles with a ruler. Was taken to Brentford to see his first game of football by his father. Rick performs a Clementi Sonatina at the school concerts with Side Saddle, which was a huge hit for Russ Conway at the time, as an encore. No need to tell you where the Wakeman's holidayed - Passed 11-plus examination and was admitted to Drayton Manor County Grammar School in West London.

To try and put a stop to this, one naughty boy sawed Mr. Became an instant fan - New school music teacher, Miss Dennis. His music teacher there was William Herrera, a brilliant man in his late fifties.Lewis's rulers in half but luckily they were never able to pin it on Rick as he put the saw back in the caretaker's room before it was discovered missing. He eventually ran off to Spain with a girl from the fourth form, where they married and lived happily ever after until Bill's death some ten or so years ago.- Somewhere, around about August/September, Mildred and Cyril Wakeman have an early night and Richard Christopher Wakeman is conceived.(Incidentally, anyone calling him Richard these days is likely to get ignored) - At Perivale maternity hospital in Middlesex on May 18th (presents and cards always welcome), a boy was born to Mildred Helen and Cyril Frank Wakeman. They said in later years that it was amazing that they were both disappointed!Dad wanted to call him Simon and Mum wanted to call him Dianne - You must appreciate that we are working entirely on hearsay here, as Rick's memory doesn't stretch back as far as nappies and prams.Anyway, we are reliably informed from Rick's mother that he cried and screamed from the moment he woke up in the morning until the moment he went to sleep at night.