In this case, Western men talk to a professional translator and employee of Anastasia Purpose: purchase credits for excellent communication with a beautiful lady from Ukraine and Russia. Besides, real Ukrainian and Russian girls have no idea that .2) All these women who want no contact with you on are professional pro daters and earn their money during communicating with Western men on Anastasia

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Unfortunately, not one of them says they are on Anastasia

The usual report is that someone paid them for modeling and now uses their identity for the dating service…

and they get no royalties or have any contact with anyone.

Aloha, I purchased your guide and have found it to be invaluable.

I’m a very good looking man who just seeks to find a beautiful woman with simpler values than I can find in the US.

I’ve grown tired of all the lies and scheming in the US, so I’ve begun looking elsewhere in the world.

I’m world traveled, so I do have a basis of experience in many parts of the world, but not Ukraine.

A couple of girls even tried to find a way to stop the use of their name but were told they had no legal right since its a US based company.

Thank You, John *************************************************************************************************** Hi John, To your question about the dating agency Anastasia Date.

Anastasia is one of the most popular online dating sites (but honestly, popular with negative reviews of the users).

I collected some reviews on my Ukrainian dating blogs: In my opinion, there are two possible options of scamming Western men by Anastasia 1) Anastasia “create” fake profiles using pictures of real Ukrainian and Russian girls (for example from Russian social networks like VKontakte or Odnoklassniki).