Amy has no problem seeking revenge on those she feels have wronged her from dumping trash on their beds to messing with their belongings.Although she said “yes” to a boyfriend who asked her to marry him, she packed up her bags and moved to Chicago for some freedom.

Known in the Miami party scene, Demitra’s job brings her a lot of perks that allows her to mingle with celebrities., Atlanta, GA — Erica lives by the motto “get money, honeys” and has dual personalities – “Erica” likes playing men for money and living well while “Venetia” is a fierce competitive rapper that loves to make controversial music so girls flaunt their moves on the dance floor.

She is constantly making her presence known everywhere she goes with her feisty attitude and fire engine red hair., Methuen, MA – Bossy, funny and overbearing — Gabi (Gabriella) has opinions about everything, especially when it comes to her twin, “Bad Girl” Danielle.

Clearly her parents’ favorite, Gabi is perfectly content living her “spoiled” life under her parents’ roof., Newark, DE – Standing at just 4 feet 11inches, this Jersey girl comes equipped with a flair for dramatics and a mouth to go along with it.

She grew up with a tight knit family and a bossy twin sister, fellow “Bad Girl” Gabi.

With few girlfriends, her twin will surely be the one she confides in at the Bad Girl house.

She owns 150 pairs of heels and never wears sneakers unless she’s “pretending” to go to the gym.

, Miami, FL — A platinum blonde Haitian party girl with a punk rock look, Demitra works as a party host and music blogger.

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