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my Lot is an enormous discussion board, blogging community, questions and answers hub, social network and online hangout that pays you for your valuable contributions. So I was on my way to work earlier and got a call from Boss. Paid all my bills, and put a mattress on the cart from...

See below for some top-rated discussions from the last couple of days. Mike sister is coming over tomorrow night for linguini with pesto.nothing like fresh. Seems he forgot to turn the A/C unit on last night and it's already unbearably hot in the shop, so he told me to put myself down for 4 hours and he'd see me tomorrow.... I've done a post of some of the attractions in the Louvre. I knew he would take good photos so I concentrated my (few) talents on taking photos of the paintings of horses. It's a sunny start to the day but the temperatures will be going up and then over the next few days up some more.....a heat wave is predicted and I'm not sure I am ready. He's had a lot of body aches and his hip and hand have been bothering him a lot. One of my little joys in life is "teaching" mandolin to the littlies at the preschool in Berkeley.

My sister called me two days ago and said our cousin's 12-year-old daughter was in the hospital. My sister informed me that our cousin's daughter had ingested the antihistamine... Of course, I have used all the usual excuses, like no time for it. I do feel so much better when I walk every day, so why the "no walking... I had planned to stay in bed until 5, but at Scar won the battle and I dragged myself from the bed. Ok, I'm never ready for hot and humid weather as I just... This past weekend, his hand hurt him really bad and it was all swollen. I must know the reason so, I paused mylotting for 30 minutes for I went to my cousin's house and knocked at their door. It is my second most favorite place to earn, after my Lot. Actually, all I do is play it, and then let each little one who wants to strum it.

As if I didn't need any additional inspiration, today happens to be National Junk Food Day! They paid people to make comments to their website to attract consumers. They asked people to give good feedback to their products online. Over the years I have been fortunate to travel around most of the country that I currently call home. I thought I was going to win The Battle Of Sleep™ but he used a new maneuver on me. Just because his sister is away all summer at overnight camp in Maine doesn't mean my six year old grandson is devastated. He goes to day camp every weekday, which he has been attending the last four years. No offence to any teenagers out there, but I just went up to my Grandma's house after midnight and, my nieces have girl friends over. Instead of getting mad, frustrated or something like that, i just watch movie.... I cannot afford to see her leaving on Sunday back to Saipan without knowing the reason why forget me. I have a new nanny who started early this month and she's starting to stress me out. She leaves everything all over the place for me to pick up -- wet towels, toys in bed, unfolded blankets,... I usually have about four kids sitting around me...

I already eat enough bad food in my diet as is, but now I have an excuse to indulge in extra gluttonous fashion today! It began as family trips as a child, and continued when I left home and eventually married an American. Oh my God they are so loud, every word they say radiates off the wall and, their steps through... This weekend our son and his fiancé are going away.