The Riviera Hotel and Casino - the Las Vegas Strip's first high-rise that was as famous for its mobster ties as its Hollywood personification of Sin City's mobster past - officially exited the scene early Tuesday with a cinematic implosion.(June 14) The pinniped trainers at Georgia Aquarium are dedicated to providing a fun and enriching environment for sea lions who may not have had the easiest start in life.See their exciting new tricks and how far they've progressed at their new home.

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CLEVELAND, OH — It was nearly a year ago in Mobile, AL that the political world realized what a force Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was when 30,000 people turned out for one of his rallies.

Leftists promised rage at the 2016 Republican National Convention and failed to deliver.

The anarchists and Black Lives Matter radicals tried their hardest and simply couldn’t get anyone to show up to participate in their efforts to attack Republicans and treat police officers badly.

The attempt to turn the 2016 convention into a warzone–as their movement had done at the 2008 convention–simply failed.

The Cleveland anarchists and radical leftists failed and simply sucked at organizing.

This year’s fireworks from the “revolutionaries” proved their movement to be even more impotent than did their failures in 2012 at the Tampa convention.

During his July 21 speech at the Republican National Convention, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reasserted his commitment to protect the Second Amendment while warning that Hillary Clinton would “abolish” it.

This California boardwalk was voted as the best beach boardwalk by 10and USA TODAY readers.

This Arizona town produced more than .1 billion worth of mineral wealth in less than 100 years of mining operations.