It seems that there are so many Samsung Galaxy S6 (#Samsung #Galaxy S6) owners that are experiencing the random reboot issue after updating their device to the latest Marshmallow firmware.If the phone randomly restarts on its own, it’s an indication that the firmware or the operating system is corrupt or there are some files missing and since we don’t know which is which, we need to do some troubleshooting procedures that may help us fix it. There was a notification about an update so I downloaded it.

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The day after the first incident, the problem occurred again, then after a few hours it rebooted again and now it’s getting more frequent than before.

There was even a time that I was in the middle of a call when it happened, so the call was dropped.

I don’t want that to happen because people might think I’m dropping their calls. Thanks.” The problem above is showing just one of the signs of the problem.

There are actually other signs you may encounter that may lead to the same result–unwanted reboots.

So, let me list down the possible symptoms of this problem: Before we jump into your troubleshooting procedures, if you have other issues with your phone, visit our Galaxy S6 troubleshooting page and find issues that are similar to yours.

You may then use the solutions we provided or if you need further assistance, contact us by completing our questionnaire.The purpose of our troubleshooting is to know what the problem is.Yes we know that the issue started after the Marshmallow update but we really don’t have any idea what triggered it.So, let’s try to rule out one possibility after another and let’s begin with apps.Step 1: Incompatible apps are conflicting with the new firmware If an app is incompatible with the new system, it crashes when you open it.But some actually do more damage and this problem is just one of them.