That leaves Gabi Grecko — the curvaceous, wig-loving, “Coffee, tea or me?” hooker who quite literally has screwed the NYPD — warmed up for her biggest closeup yet, as a key witness in a blockbuster federal police-corruption probe.Both before and after flying the very friendly skies three years ago with NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant and former Detective Michael Milici, as their personal kinky “flight attendant,” Grecko, 27, never shied away from the most garish of spotlights.

Deadelsten” who played dead while wearing a doctor’s white coat.

The photo spread, shot in a cemetery, showed Grecko crawling about a hearse wearing next to nothing on the couple’s “deading” night.

“I felt it really to be one of those firsts, shooting in a cemetery like in lingerie on someone’s grave, yeah, that’s dead. “There’s a dead person under there.” Grecko hasn’t always been in the scandal sheets, on the arm of a wealthy old man or straddling an actor playing a corpse.

“I’ve never in my whole life fit in,” the Miami-born model and musician said through tears.

“I just want to be taken seriously for who I am,” she said, wiping her eyes, before adding: “I don’t feel like I’m appreciated.” Also last year, Grecko was briefly married to 73-year-old Australia-based medical supply tycoon Geoffrey Edelsten.

Their marriage lasted less than six months but entertained countless Aussie scandal fans with can’t-look-away photos and videos of the diminutive magnate canoodling with the statuesque blonde.

In one risqué photo shoot for, Grecko left Edelsten’s chandelier-crammed Melbourne apartment for a nude nighttime stroll down the aptly named Exhibition Street, wearing nothing but a long, chartreuse wig and giant, gauze-draped bunny ears.

“He’s very sweet and genuine, and that’s very important to me,” she told a talk-show host of Edelsten, founder of Allied Medical Group, as their romance first bloomed in 2014. “I’m very genuine.” The relationship would leave her with thousands of dollars and lots of goodies, the Daily Mail reported. “Barely any part of her is untouched,” he said, according to the Mail.

“That woman has cost me a fortune in the year and a half that we’ve been going out.” But Grecko also took her revenge — and her place in the next glaring spotlight.