One of the greatest hazards to any relationship, particularly marriage, is failure to count that cost.That failure devalues our choices and allows us to treat our commitments too lightly.Too often we come to the table of marriage eager to satisfy ourselves, looking for the most appetizing selection to feed our hungry hearts.

Single people can do it without shirking their responsibilities to spouses or children.

Anyone who chooses to remain single in order to exercise that freedom should be respected and affirmed by all who love the Savior.

As mishpochah, we need to carefully consider the issue of singleness.

Relationships fail and marriages fail because people relate and marry for what they can get instead of what they can give.

At the table of marriage, satisfaction comes only through the costly choice of service and self-sacrifice.

This principle of service is the key, not only to marriage but to messianic lifestyle: If service is the key principle, the first choice affirmed by that principle is to remain single!No one has more freedom to focus, more flexibility to serve God.A world-class concert pianist was approached by an admirer after a stunning performance.I would give my life to play the way you played this evening," declared the adoring fan. Stop and think for a moment: why do we respect individuals who have achieved superexcellence?Certainly we admire their accomplishments, but the discipline and the sacrifices these people undertook to make their mark—whether in the arts, science, business or athletics—are just as remarkable. And it is the which underscores the value of any great personal achievement."Wait a minute," you say, "I thought this was an article about messianic marriage! " It has everything to do with messianic marriage, because choices regarding relationships always cost something.