And yet, Vicki does have a few followers, who seem to think that Gunvalson was behind this cancer storyline.“Bravo has come forward and stated that the cancer scheme was Vicki’s idea.That is why she made Brooks sign the agreement that he couldn’t talk about her.

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star Vicki Gunvalson has revealed that she has a new man in her life. In fact, Gunvalson’s own post on Facebook could hint that she met him while dating Brooks. #countryboy, #handlebarjs, #lifeisfunnysometimes,” Vicki Gunvalson revealed on Facebook while sharing two photos of herself and Jack; one from 2011 and one from this year. They met back in 2011, but she’s been very vague about the details.

A few months after learning that Brooks Ayers may have lied about having cancer, Vicki may have found love again. According to a new Facebook post, His name is Jack Losey, and he has been showing up on Vicki’s Instagram feed quite a bit lately. It looks like they met in a bar or at an event somewhere.

While fans are just meeting him for the first time, Gunvalson is already doing the obligatory “throwback Thursdays” with Jack, as they have known one another for almost five years. In 2011, she could have been dating Brooks Ayers, but it could also have been during a period where they were separated.

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks have broken up several times and Vicki could have gone out to forget about her problems about Ayers.

Many Vicki Gunvalson fans are thrilled that she’s finally found love again.

After the entire cancer scandal, many people want Vicki to be happy, find love and leave the drama behind.

Brooks is an opportunistic blood sucker and was not smart enough to realize she was playing him.