In the band's first seven years of existence, they added drummer Jonny Quinn, released two albums (Songs for Polarbears, and When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up), and toured with bands such as Levellers, Ash and Travis.

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Alex Mattson - Forget You Peter Luts - Lovin' U (Radio Edit) Attom feat.

Tam Cooper - Be Bold (Mathew Hayer Remix) Calvin Harris feat.

Lightbody formed a band with Mark Mc Clelland and drummer Michael Morrison in 1994, called Shrug.

Morrison left the band later, and the band were forced to change the name to Polarbear, as another band had claimed the name.

He feels an attachment to the place, as it gave him his first taste of success.

He had become frustrated by Snow Patrol's lack of financial success and felt lost and aimless.

He started cursing at the audience and demolishing the band's equipment.

He found himself breaking guitars they could not afford. He later gave up drinking and now does it "for fun" and credits his band mates for the turnaround.

When at the University of Dundee, Lightbody met Nick De Cosemo, a fellow student, and the two became friends.

De Cosemo also moved in Lightbody's Springfield apartment when he moved out of his parents' house.

Nick had formed a club night called The Spaceship at the Tay Hotel.