Please read the thread rules at the bottom of the OT before posting, this is very important in order to make sure this topic stays on course and within the GAF guidelines.Also, please note that any links in the OT, while not directly, might potentially lead to NSFW material. Coming Out On Top Developer: Obscurasoft Publisher: Obscurasoft Platform: PC Genre: Visual Novel/Adult Gay Dating Sim Release Date: Dec 11th, 2014 [Worldwide, English version] Official Website What is Coming Out On Top?

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Ian couldn't be more supportive of Mark after coming out, and even offers to be his wingman, but it seems after Mark's admission some other feeling are also coming to the surface...

Alex Davies Witty, intelligent and devastatingly handsome, Alex is one of the first men to show interest in Mark after he comes out.

But not all is as it seems with Alex, and some very tricky obstacles stand in the way of any potential romance between the two.

(There has been some other PC games featuring gay characters and content, but mostly of an underground nature.) If you are interested in games starring gay characters in adult situations, or just in quality visual novels, I hope you'll consider giving Coming Out On Top a try. Mark is sweet and smart, your average run of the mill college student.

Entering his final semester at Orlin University, Mark appears to be a well adjusted and friendly young man, living his life leisurely, or at least that's what his friends and family thought. Ian Manachevitz One of Mark's best friends, Ian is charming and affable, if not a tad impetuous.

In reality, Mark has been hiding his sexuality for years, and has decided that now is the time to be true to himself. Studying to be a zoologist at Orlin U, Ian is seen as a ladies' man and a bit of a rascal by his peers.

But his friends know that he is deep down a friendly and easygoing guy that would do anything for the people he cares about.

After coming out as a gay man to his two best friends, Mark must navigate through his final semester of college, while hopefully finding love along the way. ) bachelors to pursue and a variety of humorous and harrowing situations to experience, will Mark finally be free to live his life the way he wants? COOT features an extremely hilarious and heartfelt script by Obscura, founder of Obscurasoft.

(She also drew the character sprites.) Scene CGs are provided by the very talented doubleleaf.