I’ve often felt things have changed alot and I don’t understand the new rules.Your blog helps me know what I felt was right and the reasons why.

getting back in the dating scene-70

This brings me to the next important change: As you can see there have been many changes, some good and some not so good.

But the thing that saddens me most nowadays is that people’s expectations are too high with many want perfection in a partner.

I think that this is the main factor why single people today tend to stay single for longer!

Drawing the comparison between now and 1989 is great.

There is an almost constant anxiety because the net promises, though frequently failures to deliver, a permenant supply of someone better.

This perhaps affects men more who biologically seem programmed to want variety.

In 1989 men had to work hard as women were, compared to now, in short supply.

On a more positive note, when you meet someone new, the internet allows you to verify whether people are who they claim to be.

You can Google that person, find photos, articles or do background checks on them.

Nowadays it’s more socially acceptable for women to be single.

The stigma of being single post thirty has all but disappeared and many women don’t feel the traditional pressure from family and friends to marry young, choosing to wait until they meet someone who ticks their mental check list.