i am looking to speak with someone from every religion and faith in order to better understand people, so if any of you could tell me about what you believe, that would be great!i wont disclose my own faith, because i am here only to learn, not to debate :) thank...'Being Druze.' To begin with, I don't even like the name Druze...

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We were named AFTER him as a cruel joke by other Muslims who probably sought to make us...

I honestly believe that Druze faith has kept me safe and out of trouble. If i describe myself positively I�ll appear delude and if I mention my negative statistics I�ll be stupid� So why you don�t figure me out?

It also has taught me many many morals and made me in general just a better person but the heartbreak is unbearable. Hi guys :) I'm from Australia and I have been seeing this girl for quite a long time now.

Not trying to sound conceited, but the hottest , most famous, really cool, perfect... It was a quick yet very exhilirating experience that I have gone through in my life so far. We are going out and we are crazily in love with each other.

The Druze religion owes much to Shia Islam, but it is not considered part of Islam and incorporates ideas from other faiths.

The majority of Druze people live in the Eastern Mediterranean and speak Arabic.

Within Israel, the Druze are largely sympathetic to the state and serve in the Israeli military.

They say that the more forbidden or tragic a love story is, the greater it is. The thing is that I only found out until recently that her religion is Druze which I had no idea of until I researched on it... My name's Paul and I'm here because I need some help with an important mission to show the world where the real Garden of Eden is after finding it in Rashaya, Lebanon in November 2009 - in the heartland of the Druze. Even though i was born in Lebanon as a Druze female, i have lived most of my life in Canada.

I have grown up with Canadian friends, in Canadian schools, conformed to Canadian holidays and traditions, and i have abided with Canadian laws. Do you think Civil marriage is a fair action to get married to your beloved one without converting to a non-Durzi religion & not having your name strikeout of the records, which is something the sheikh (iqal) will look into whether they bless your body & soul or not when you die...