I recently received this e-mail from a reader who is going to her winter formal with her new boyfriend... First of all Addlyn, you have to decide what kind of PDA you're comfortable with, and what you ultimately want from your boyfriend. But when it gets more involved, like say, dry humping and too much touchy-feely-ness, then I draw the line. Then, you just have to have a face-to-face convo with your boyfriend about PDA. Just be patient, don't jump all over him, and of course, enjoy the solo moments you two have together. From taking an older guy to the dance to getting a guy to ask you to the dance to general date help, you can find answers to your questions here. They can mean anything from holding hands to quick pecks on the cheek to full-on makeout sessions with plenty of tongue. I personally am okay with hand holding, hugging, and kissing. And I'm willing to bet that the longer you and your boyfriend are a couple, the more comfortable he will be with touching you in public. And, you didn't mention this in your email, but if you're the first girlfriend he's ever had, then he might not have any experience with PDA, in which case it'll take a little longer for him to get comfortable.Dear Cassandra, My boyfriend and I have been dating for about a month. But only when we are alone after school, or there's no one else in the hallway at school. You can ask him questions like, hey, why don't you want to hold my hand in public?

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Public Displays of Affection, or PDA, should be more enforced in high schools.

School should be a place for learning, and allowing inappropriate “make-out” sessions is not only disruptive to our environment, but uncomfortable for those involved and passersby.

By removing these unnecessary distractions, students can more effectively focus on their education.

There is a place and time for affection as well as for school--the two should not intermix.

The Newton is a series of personal digital assistants developed and marketed by Apple Inc.

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Normally I wouldn't worry so much but our winter formal is coming up and I'm afraid that he's not going to even want to slow dance with me because he's not going to want to touch me in public! I'm in 9 PDA stands for (for those who don't know) Public Displays of Affection. You have to set your own boundaries before you have this convo with your boyfriend. They exist for you and your friends to socialize and to... If you and your boyfriend have already talked about going, if he's asked you to go, if you guys have made a plan and bought tickets... And once he sees his friends and everyone else dancing, I am almost positive that he's going to throw his PDA-phobia out the window and slow dance with you.

It's a funny thing about school dances, though.