Dieser ermöglicht es Singles, sich jeden Samstag per Handy zu spontanen Blind Dates im A-Danceclub Wien zu verabreden.Entwickelt wurde das sogenannte "Live Handy Dating" von Calista Mobile Solutions, Österreichs Spezialisten für mobile Software."Singles, die sich im A-Danceclub spontan verabreden möchten, melden sich mit ihrem internetfähigen Handy an.

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As you can see, this isn’t necessarily a romantic dating service.

But hey, it’s still a dating service and who knows what can happen after hunting that special Pokemon character for hours in some remote location.

Sign-up and the first date are free of charge, but then you’ll have to pay $20 for each subsequent pair up.

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Pokemon Go is an interesting phenomenon that’s slowly taking over the world.

But the popular game can also be a breaker of relationships, you know if you care more about Pikachus and gyms than your significant other.

However, if Pokemon Go gets you into trouble with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you eventually break up, there’s a Pokemon Go-based dating service to get you back in the game. The new service is called — wait for it because it’s awesome — Poke Dates. What you have to do is go to the website and answer a few questions about yourself.

As reports, an existing dating site called Project Fixup, whose selling point is that it matches applicants by hand rather than by algorithm, created Poke Dates.

And the human factor will play a role in fixing you up with your next significant other, but one that already loves Pokemon Go.