Among the details released earlier were Simmons’ hiring of several former staffers.

Simmons quickly closed a development deal with HBO following his May 2015 ouster and created the Bill Simmons Media Group, bringing on NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger as president.

Simmons revealed the new site’s name via Twitter, adding a departing shot at ESPN, his home for some 14 sometimes contentious years: broke the news of the site’s name last month (its skepticism about the trademarked name now appearing to have been unfounded).

Today’s reveal signifies Simmons’ determination to keep the sprit of his National Magazine Award-nominated journal alive.

Following his ouster, four top editors exited ESPN, which shut down in the fall after staggering through a few months.

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Simmons is bringing much of his crew onboard the new project, including editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey, editor-at-large Bryan Curtis and associate editor Danny Chau.

“will debut sometime this late spring or early summer.” Its website is up and running with a sign-in for a newsletter that will go out before the full site is unveiled.