Signed by Leonid Afremov, Certificate of Authenticity provided.The certificate of authenticity will include the name of the owner who purchased the piece of artwork. If you buying this painting as a gift, please provide us the name of the gift recipient for the certificate.

Dating oil paintings video

We can only hope that the couple that is dating by the trolley is more prudent or luckier. Arnold Stone We received the beuatifull painting this weekend. The colours and texture make me happy every time I look at it! Read more in shipping policy We accept paypal or any credit/ debit card payment. The information is encrypted and not stored anywhere after the payment was completed.

It is hard to say, which of these things they will need most. According to the figures that were released by famous online dating site, it is easier to find love in smaller cities. Looking forward to viewing my sixteen paintings every morning and looking for more wall space. I am amazed how the figures as well as the trees fit into the picture. We will not share your information with any other site nor company.

Two groups of people were compared: · People looking for the couple in a big metropolis; · People who date via the company in small towns of Great Britain. There is no value like this anywhere in the art world. Your personal information is strictly confidential.

Afremov works magically with strokes and unique wall painting techniques, thus creating romantic flair around the date.

The couple is standing under the umbrella at the light of the street lamp and approaching trolley. The painting creates a warm, cozy feeling though the weather is rainy.

Beautiful autumn foliage adds beautiful color to the oil painting. Even autumn rainy weather can be romantic when people love each other.Date by the trolley is no less romantic than in the restaurant or the club.It is even more real as people came here to see each other and not just to entertain themselves. Sometimes it requires a long time to learn the other person better.The painter is like a magician and his wall paintings makes the viewers feel better. How long should we date to make sure that the person is worth your trust?We see a schematically painted couple, a trolley that is depicted indistinctly. In contemporary world when all decisions are taken are fast, this is really a challenge. The price I paid was good and the painting looks lovely.People marry and divorce so quickly that their friends and relative feel confused. Our living room does not need a stove anymore since this painting is giving so much warmth. It came well packaged in about 6 weeks (to Australia). You will receive an email from the shipping manager with all the details about your purchase within 2 days after your payment.