One of the most important aspects of obstetrical care is to date, as precisely as possible, the beginning of pregnancy so that the estimated time of arrival (ETA) can be calculated (sometimes referred to as the estimateddate of confinement – EDC).

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The fetal age, of course, is the actual age of the pregnancy.

Historically, the obstetrician has focused on the first day of the last menstrual period for two reasons.

First of all, the menstrual flow itself is a fairly dramatic symptom which the woman can be expected to remember.

In addition, it is easy to teach her to record the first day of the last menstrual period so that when that information is elicited by the physician, at a later time, it is available.

In other words, it dates the pregnancy, on average, two weeks longer than it is.

The other way of measuring the dates of the pregnancy is to measure the fetal age.

The fetal age of the pregnancy is measured from the time of conception or the estimated time of conception (ETC).

When measuring the pregnancy in this fashion, it will be 38 weeks long or two weeks shorter than the gestational age dates.

However, in the midst of all of this, the obstetrician and many women have missed the point that the cervical mucus discharge is very much a flow in the same fashion as the menstrual flow.

In some countries, they refer to menstruation as the red flow and the mucus discharge as the white flow.

Unfortunately, modern obstetrics has paid little attention to the white flow.