Meanwhile, with bygones being bygones, do Badgley and Lively, who is now the mother of a 2-month-old daughter, keep in touch?We know that he didn't send a wedding gift..."We haven't spoken in a while, you know," he reflected.

In May 2008, after 'People' magazine published photos of the two kissing while on vacation in Mexico, they became more open about their relationship.

Penn and Blake ended their three-year relationship in mid-September 2010.

The exes remained amicable after their split and continued shooting 'Gossip Girl' together until the CW show ended in late 2012, with a series finale that (spoiler alert) saw their fictional alter egos marry.

Has it really been five years since Penn Badgley and Blake Lively were one of young Hollywood's favorite couples?

Well, Lively's husband, Ryan Reynolds, would probably be first to tell you a big, fat "yes."But with the Internet's memory being as long as it is, Badgley was asked just today whether any of the relationship-themed songs he's written lately were inspired by his ex-girlfriend and However, Badgley also said, "Anybody who writes music is writing about their experience if they're writing anything that's authentic.

All of my relationships have had an effect on the music I've written."Hmm, so that means that lyrics could have once been penned, by Penn, about Blake, but that brand of ancient history didn't translate into the music he's making these days.But relationships did..."Specifically, I don't know, there's a few in this," Badley, who also dated Zoë Kravitz for a time, admitted when asked how many tunes were inspired by breakups or particular relationships."We have an album's worth of material that will be out later this year and there are a few," he added. I like to veil it in the language of verse and poetry."How Dan Humphrey of him!Here are some of their sweetest moments captured while they were together and after.stars dated and broke up both onscreen and offscreen during their time on the show, but their real love lives didn't always match up with their characters'.This, as you can imagine, led to some awkwardness, which is probably why Penn described his ex-girlfriend as his best Penn noted that he and Blake were "actually consummately professional, to be honest," in the wake of their 2010 split."I think we should both pat ourselves on the back for getting through it—because, you know, anything is complicated in that way, and we handled it."Just a few weeks before is when we first met," he said, "and we were friends—very close friends."So is Penn still in touch with Amanda today?