When it’s over, don’t just leave her alone or go back to your friends.It will make her wonder if you’re just using her and she may doubt whether you really care for her.

Always keep the above in mind when you want to kiss a girl, especially if she is someone special that you would like to have a relationship with. Don’t tell her she has a sexy butt or that you love the fact she has big breasts! In fact, many girls like a guy who is a bit mysterious.

For example, tell her that she looks beautiful in whatever she is wearing or that she has the most amazing eyes.

If you’re standing in front of her you can whisper something into her left ear first and then something else into her right ear. This puts you in control and, as mentioned earlier, a girl likes a confident guy. Depending on her reaction and body language you may feel it’s a good time for a second kiss or that for now it’s enough.

Well, some girls will go out with a guy even though he is a jerk. If you are going behave like a jerk you may be able to get a girl to kiss you but chances are it will be the first and last time you kiss that girl. In fact, on a scale of one to ten most girls will rate the importance of personality much higher than looks. Reach out and touch her hair while leaning forward to kiss her.

Thirdly, girls appreciate guys that are in touch with their emotions and that are able to express how they feel, not only about life in general but about her in particular. Fourthly, girls want a guy to take care of his appearance and personal hygiene! Tilt your head to the left or the right to avoid bumping noses and close your eyes just before your lips touch her lips. If she is standing next to you whisper something into her ear such as “I like you very much! If she is not kissing you back, gently pull away from her, look into her eyes and give her a warm smile. She may just be nervous, inexperienced and not sure how to respond. Wait for her to open her mouth a bit and slide the tip of your tongue slowly inside her mouth, caressing the tip of her tongue as you do so. After kissing her you should be the one to gently pull away from her.

A girl wants to hear that she is beautiful, that she has nice hair, that she has soft skin, etc. ” Your face will be right next to hers and if she turns her head to face you kiss her! Start by kissing her lower or upper lip, as shown the kissing photo above. If she is kissing you back and it’s going well start teasing her lips with the tip of your tongue by gently sliding it against her lips. You started the kiss and you should be the one to end it.

If you’re at a party ask her to join you outside for some fresh air or to accompany you somewhere where it’s quiet. You will both be more at ease knowing that other people are not staring at you.

Most kissing tips mentioned in this site apply to both guys and girls but I am sure some guys would like some specific tips just on how to kiss a girl, right? Take her by the hand, interlocking your fingers and lead her.

Well, let’s look at some proven kissing tips for guys on how to kiss a girl. Squeeze her hand gently and see if she squeezes back.