Children on the waiting list will be notified June 14 if there is an available spot. If you do not receive an acceptance letter your child is on the waiting list.

I offer exciting kid martial arts classes every weekday afternoon in Glastonbury CT for ages 4 and up.

My instructors and I are passionate about teaching authentic martial arts, self defense, and life skills that will help your child well beyond the dojo. And during that time I’ve learned a few things that have helped me design an outstanding kids program. I’m still at it and will continue to tweak and adapt. Fun – most kids just love the mystique of ancient martial arts.

We keep the excitement going by packing classes with action drills and games.

Life Skills – each class starts with a “mat chat” where we discuss topics that the kids will use at practice and beyond.

But if your child finds themselves in a fight they will know practical self defense skills.

Achievement – students are promoted through a series of belts (white to black belt) to signify their improvement.Promotions occur approx every 2 months and really motivate students.(examples – confidence, positive attitude, respect, goal setting, and dealing with bullies) The topic changes every month and all information is shared with moms/dads so that we can work together to instill the lessons.Physical Fitness – warm up exercise and training games build strength, flexibility, and coordination.Self Defense – kids will learn on their very first trial class that fighting is wrong and always a last resort.They will learn and role play how to stand up to, ignore, and avoid bullies.