The live action Cinderella remake hit up our UK cinemas on Friday, and to celebrate we went and had a chinwag with Richard Madden who plays Prince Charming aka Kit in the movie.

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Check out our interview below: Oh he's just a glorious fella, isn't he? What would you ask Prince Charming if you got the chance?

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It was about 15 years or so ago that I was first told by a therapist that I had a sex addiction. Sure, I was in the process of getting divorced for a second time because I was having multiple affairs that were compulsive in nature, and yes, I had lost jobs because of my out-of-control behavior that was related to sex. But still, the words “sex addict” sounded ridiculous to me.

I lied constantly, and was deeply ashamed of my behavior. I kept on acting in the same manner until the label “sex addict” did not seem quite so ridiculous anymore.

The years went on and things continued to get worse, and I continued to unravel.

Ten years ago I flew out to Los Angeles for the first of a few stays in rehab for sex addiction.

I was going to the Sexual Recovery Institute, which was founded by Robert Weiss, LCSW. Patrick Carnes, who is the inarguable big dog in the field, Weiss is probably the world’s foremost expert on sex addiction.

Anyone who wants to know more about Weiss and his work should check out his books Weiss has an impressive resume.

He has established and overseen addiction treatment programs for many high-end treatment facilities, including Promises Treatment Centers in Malibu and Los Angeles.

He has also appeared as an expert on the intersection of human intimacy and digital technology for and many others. Weiss was kind enough to chat with me about where sex addiction was back then, and the unique problems that come with being a sex addict today. clinical committee to look at sexual behavior as a problem.

As far as the awareness of sex addiction has come over the years, it seems that many people still don’t think sex addiction exists. Sadly it didn’t make the DSM five years or so ago, which I think was a purely political decision. That version of the DSM took out any reference to sex addiction, other than a symptom of another disorder.